Our logo reveals a glimpse into our mission. Here is the explanation of the design. The dark blue shape displays an arrow pointing to the right reminding us to REACH out to people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The up arrow reminds us to RAISE up followers of Christ. We are to make disciples and to be imitators of Christ. The third arrow pointing to the left reminds us to stay RENEWED through the work of the Holy Spirit within us. FILL US UP AND SEND US OUT LORD!!! Then finally the cross completes our lives and HIS church. The cross RESTORES lives, and in our case, HIS BODY of believer's to accomplish HIS purpose.


We aim to minister to, love, and provide for everyone! Here are some of the ministries we have available that you can come grow in!

Nursery Ministry (Bed babies and Toddlers)

Restoration Kids (K4 - 6th Grade)

Restoration Students (7th - 12th Grade)

Restoration Gap Young Adults Ministry (18 - 25)

Young Marrieds Ministry

Men's Ministry

Womens Ministry

Senior Adults Ministry

Discover Restoration (New Members / New Believers)

Sunday Night Small Groups

Wednesday Night Suppers